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I decided to breathe new life into an old settee bench and turn it into a dining room statement piece. This settee was covered in an outdated light yellow fabric with a monkey print. Ick! I knew the piece had great bones and a classic shape, plus I was looking for some extra seating in my dining room. (Yes, for once, I am recreating a piece for myself and not a client! However, four people have tried to buy it from me as it temporarily sits on my showroom floor. Sorry folks! Its not for sale!). All it took was some creativity and a fun fabric. I chose a leopard-looking fabric in black and cream. Black is in every room of my home as a neutral. Plus, this fabric screamed fun without being too bold. I decided to give the wood a nice black glaze to bring out the detail in the wood carvings. Glaze is a faux finish. I simply painted it on, making sure to get into all the carved grooves, and wiped it off. It's very easy to do. A little time consuming, but you just need a little patience. Voila! I think she turned out to be a beauty!

When looking at this settee in its original shape, you cannot see the details in the wood carving at all.

Notice in the reupholstered piece you can now see all the detail with the glaze used to enhance the carvings.

The newly reupholstered piece looks amazing! The fabric is fun and the black glaze gives the settee that extra punch to really make it stand out. Now you can notice the wood carving detail!

I LOVE the open back of this settee. The open back allows the piece to be a statement from any angle.

Do you have a worn out piece of furniture that needs a new and updated look? Call me (740-695-5553) and I will be happy to breathe life back into your piece of furniture! Old does and can become new again!

Your Designing Friend,


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